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And a little drawing

Not terribly satisfied, but it’s something. I’m still not getting good, clean lines when scanning the ink, but I suspect this is a limitation of the quality of the scanner that I currently have....


Intkoberfest: Days 2 and 3

Since I am drawing ahead of Inktoberfest in order to not lose too much time due to rehearsals, I have done days 2 and 3: Day 2: Divided The Queen of the Night and...


Inktoberfest: Day 1

So it is INKTOBER … or, at least, it will be Inktober in October proper. Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the...


My Art: Monkeying Around

Dear heavens, has it been ten days since my last post? Well, this is what happens when you say ‘yes’ to be in an opera… where rehearsals start in two weeks and you need...


My Art: Dah Power of Red Coppah!

Those of you who were kids back in the eighties will remember that very strange ambiguity that existed between toy commercials and  infomercials.  If you were a kid, you were getting yanked around all...


My Art: Beast Boy

Did a doodle over the weekend: When Beast Boy takes a selfie, is it a Beastie? A Garfie?


Why So Stoic?

One of the things I have been reading of late is Epictetus’ Enchiridion, which is a collection of practical precepts from Epictetus, intended to be a sort of pocket book reference for matters of...