My Art: Monkeying Around

Dear heavens, has it been ten days since my last post? Well, this is what happens when you say ‘yes’ to be in an opera… where rehearsals start in two weeks and you need to be memorized, stat! Combine that with my day job and an already full rehearsal schedule (I basically have rehearsals every week for three different things, four if you count the gala at which I’m singing next weekend!) so while I may have been working on stuff, it has just slowed down to a trickle until the opera is done at the end of October.

So, to celebrate all the monkey business i am currently going through, here’s a picture of Beast Boy doing what he does best… monkeying around.

Maus Merryjest

I'm an artist, an opera singer, and a dreamer. You can trust what I have to say!

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