Why do the Jedi keep screwing up?

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  1. Stephen Hutchison says:

    I disagree slightly with your analysis of Luke’s hermitage vs. those of Yoda and Kenobi-1.
    They could not continue to operate in the face of Vader and Palpatine. Kenobi was watching Luke because protagonist must be male or something. Meanwhile Yoda was down in Muppet Swamp doing remote-control tweaks here and there, Forcetime with Kenobi once a month, and theoretically doing that “nothing” that the Jedi strive to attain. They didn’t want to be directly faced by Palpatine (that name sounds like a squid dish) and his multiple sithkiddies-in-training.

    Luke, on the other hand, was not directly opposed, though he apparently knew about Darth Snope, er, Snoak.

    (Why did they hate Snopes? Are they against fact checking?)

    Snoak is rumored (and I think there’s an ad agency in the Star Wars universe that is hired to spread lies and rumors about Sith Lords) to be the one who trained Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious. Whatever.

    So Luke is easy enough to manipulate. Send him an ever so tiny bit of exaggerated future from what will happen if Luke screws up, then wake the kid up JUST in time to fulfill that self-fulfilling prophecy.

    That puts Luke into a dark (side) place emotionally, and as we’ve been told over and over and over and over that the Dark Side amplifies emotional feedback, he doesn’t know what to do with it, and is easily suggested into going off into hiding. For what, 15-20 years? Or was it only 10. The thing is, he’s not in a retreat, he’s been suggestified by the Force into going into hiding. And how come he hasn’t chatted with Daddy Anakin, Obi-1 and Yoda? If so why hasn’t he been talked into doing something?

    Well, the Jedi code of course, the fundamentalist version that says “OK, we screwed up becoming attached to the Republic, we should Do Nothing.”

    And so he did nothing. And since we’re led to believe that the Force Ghosts (both good and evil) ARE ALWAYS THERE as part of the Force’s guidance system… This has got to be the “will of the Force.” Sort of like a subatomic midichlorian-amplified version of the Kree Supreme Intelligence.

    And it wasn’t broken until The Force decided that Rey was done cooking and it could “balance” things again.

    The Force is a lot like a theoretically free market — subject to wild swings, slow to initially correct, chaotic as hell whenever there’s innovation, and very much subject to exploitation, while the people who make up the market are massively harmed by the swings, chaos, and exploits.

    The resulting mess we’re left with MIGHT be something the Grey Jedi could fix … but the entire market I mean all living things would have to be AWARE and intentional force manipulators to return to equilibrium. And like the “good” ending of Mass Effect 3, that is a utopia we won’t get to see playing out.

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