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A Tribute to Gaming

I know I have been a little remiss as of late- due mostly to moving to a new place and the complications that often arise from that. I will be generating more content as...


Our Heroes

After some time struggling with GreenJack’s design, I’m glad to say that it is no longer an issue, and that Vorpal’s foil now has his own look.


Wonder Woman: Civilian

Just a black and white picture of Wonder Woman in civilian clothing inspired by Gabriel Picolo’s rendition of the Teen Titans . I didn’t realize it at the time but my subconscious apparently drew...


Let The Old Guard Pass

I am done, simply done, with the collective assumption that the vetust ‘old school’ of comic creators is worth respecting solely due to their age. I don’t care if I do burn my bridges,...


Why do the Jedi keep screwing up?

WARNING: This post contains very vague spoilers about The Last Jedi. Do not read if you have not seen. The Jedi-Sith false dichotomy is actually a very handy way to discuss how our culture sees emotions...